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Our introduction

Beyond space and time, the ideas, forms and images presented here are no more than signposts pointing towards AWAKENING....Take aim at the infinite with ETERNAL ASPIRATION, contemplating knowledge of over 2000 years, yearning for the PEACE and WISDOM of the ancient World Honored Ones..

By purifying thought to enter the spiritual, adorned with Pure Radiance and Star King Wisdom we can rise above the illusion of materialism and AWAKEN to the DEPTH of our TRUE NATURE and the JOY of BEING. To understand is to transform what is. A unique, auspicious and profound home of pure treasury of dedication to supporting devotional practise and timeless knowledge, pure Universal Virtue, Samadhi and Dharma wisdom.

*Radiantly adorned Zen, Thai and Burmese Theravadin, and Mahayana BUDDHA statues; * the joyful sight of the Buddhist Goddess Quan Yin; *ebony, camphor, medicinal and sandalwood traditional Malas and wrist. MORE...

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