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Setting off in 1977 with a large backpack and a copy of Patanjali's yoga sutras tucked under my arm,on a journey of pilgrimage to Asia.After 1 year i found myself living in a Kali temple in the Himalayas for 6 months. The experience was almost overwhelming and instigated many changes on the inner levels. However, I left with a clearer perception and a better understanding of the Mother Goddess and headed into the high mountains to live with other yogis.

The transformation was already well under way.The next few years was mostly spent visiting ashrams and temples[Hindu ,Jain and Buddhist],wandering the mountains,or hanging on beaches including sojourns in Maledives and monasteries in Sri Lanka, Rajasthan, Bodhgaya, Burma and Thailand.After 5 years i entered a new world of Japan,penniless and without any credentials,so began teaching yoga,studying Zen Shiatsu,and selling on the streets of Tokyo analysing fashion design.So upon returning to Sydney was the beginning of a short and successful career in creation of fashion jewellry using natural materials with tribal connotations.However it didn't take long to realise the superficial nature of the industry and eventually drifted back to more spiritually inspired work.As i had developed a fascination for amulets and icons the path and direction was becoming clearer.So the journeys in and out of Asia became more frequent and there was satisfaction in supporting other's spiritual devotions. Concentrating on Thailand, Burma, India, Sikkhim, China[Yunnan the land of the Tao]and Tibetan plateau.

However within time the itch to return to the life of sanyassin and away from the maya of the buisiness world was becoming more apparent and plans were being made.I should have known better as many plans only end in folly.And such was the case,when along came Sam Govindha. His arrival has continued the transformation process realising responsiblities never known before and wanting to spend time with him.Which has meant spending more time in Sydney and resulted in the development of the Natural Tribal

And although i can still travel into Asia and spend some time in monasteries in Thailand or Burma the balance is being found. So i'm glad to present this site and hope you can find it informative and supportive of your spiritual aspirations.

First hand experience of the poverty and compassion has lead to our support of a few orphanages in Burma.War orphans from the Shan State caught in a greater political game of illusion.So i am happy to let you know that some percentage of all sales will go to supporting in others suffering in whatever way we can.

Oh and thanks for your support as well
Om Shanthi